Which fabrics are the Umbrosa products made of?

We work with two types of acrylics (100%): Solidum and Sunbrella. These fabrics carry a colour fastness of 7/8, are water repellent and can be washed at 30°. The only small difference between them is the weight of the fabrics. This is 250 gr/m2 for Solidum and 260 gr/m2 for Sunbrella. A warranty of 5 years is applicable for these fabrics, except for Ingenua. Further details can be found on our warranty page.

What is the difference between the Paraflex Classic and Neo arm?

Are you searching for a very flexible wall mounted or cantilever umbrella? Then Paraflex is the right collection for you. This umbrella line consists of 2 forms, round and square, and this each time in two sizes: 270ø and 300ø round; 190x190 and 230x230 square. Umbrosa also offers 2 arms/holders. The Classic arm has a length of 1m85 and has a classic design. The Neo arm is 2m long, has a more contemporary design and is easier in use. These models 300ø round and 230x230 square can only be combined with the Neo arm. For the other 2 models you are free of choice.

Where can you find a spare part overview?

An overview of all the spare parts can be found towards the end of each installation manual. The manuals can be found per collecion on our website. All these spare parts can be ordered through your Umbrosa dealer.

Click here for the Umbrosa manuals

What is the warranty on an Umbrosa product?

The warranty varies between 2 and 15 years, depending on the part of the product. A warranty of 5 years applies on the Solidum/Sunbrella canopies (except for the Ingenua shade sails and protection covers). Umbrosa provides a warranty of 15 years on all aluminium extrusion profiles. This warranty only applies for damage that is caused by a construction or manufacturing defect. All fiberglass ribs and stainless steel components come with a 5 year warranty. Plastic compenents carry a warranty of 3 years. Umbrosa gives 2 years warranty on the umbrella bases and all powder coated parts. In case the coating starts peeling, Umbrosa will replace the damaged piece.  Scratches, surface corrosion and wear as a result of usage of the product do not fall under the warranty conditions unless the product is structurally weakened by this.

Further details on our warranty conditions can be found on our website.

Do you have a warranty claim? Fill out the form on our website and hand it over to your Umbrosa dealer.

Diffrences between Spectra and Spectra UX

Diffrences between Spectra and Spectra UX
The Spectra UX is the revolutionary companion of the Spectra. There are a lot of differences between the two umbrella collections.

Let’s take a look at the differences:

- The fan system
- The handle to move the umbrella up and down
- The rotational mechanism of the Spectra UX is integrated in the umbrella base.
- The Spectra UX canopy has straight sides and no opening in the middle.
- The Spectra UX frame and base are lacquered in the same colour.
- The Spectra UX protection cover is made of Sunbrella Flanelle. The Spectra protection cover is made of polyester.

Do you wish to see a visual overview of the differences? Please click here.