Luxury parasols

In search of a master piece for your garden? Check out our exclusive umbrella collections. We recently launched the Versa UX collection which excels in design, user experience and originality.

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Luxury parasols 

The state of the art is undoubtedly the Versa UX collection by Umbrosa. The collection consists of 3 different cantilever parasols with the most luxurious appearance. We're talking about the Architecture, full black and Sand. These 3 parasols are related to the Spectra collection with a fan system that opens in the middle. The frames of these luxurious parasols are lacquered and a matching parasol base is also available. The Versa UX parasols are unique outdoor objects that can completely blend into their surroundings or add an extra touch to an outdoor space. Observe the many details of these cantilever parasols: built-in rotation system, easy height adjustment, very easy to open and close... With the Versa UX parasols you resolutely choose for sustainability.

The Infina UX is also part of this luxurious range of parasols. This center pole parasol radiates the colour of life! The parasol canopy, in Subrella Blush, has rounded corners giving it a playful touch. The frame is lacquered in bordeaux and a matching lacquered parasol base is available. The height-adjustable table provides the extra touch and will give you many pleasant moments in the shade. You can easily put a glass, a book or a phone on it.

The Icarus parasols also belong to the category of luxurious parasols. Not only do they look completely different, they also have a double function. This striking parasol can be used as both a sunshade and a windscreen. The Icarus is strong and can be placed completely over a table for maximum shade. The luxurious Icarus is available in 14 colours. For more details, please contact an Umbrosa representative.