Cantilever parasols

Umbrosa offers a variety of cantilever umbrellas. Spectra is our bestseller thanks to the flat design, extreme user friendliness and high wind resistance.

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Cantilever parasols or floating parasols

Umbrosa has an extensive collection of cantilever, also called floating parasols. Collections of cantilever parasols:Paraflex, Spectra, Icarus, Eclipsum and Versa UX.

The Paraflex collection allows you to fix several parasols on one pole, increasing the shaded area. From one to five parasols can be mounted on one pole. If you have any questions about this, please feel free to contact Umbrosa. The Paraflex side-hanging parasols are available in a round and a square shape. The round Paraflex parasols are available in two sizes, 2,7 m and 3 m. The square Paraflex parasols are available in 1,9 x 1,9 m and 2,3 x 2,3 m.

The Spectra parasol is a free-hanging or floating parasol. The parasol can be perfectly used on a terrace, in the garden or next to a swimming pool, even on a spacious balcony this parasol can function perfectly. The square cantilever parasol comes in two sizes, 2,5 m and 3 m. You can choose for a straight pole or a forward leaning one. Depending on the surroundings and use, you can also choose the colour of the pole.

The Spectra parasol is available in three versions: an aluminum frame, a dusk frame (almost black) and a white frame. If you're looking for a large parasol, you can opt for a duo Spectra, an opposite Spectra or a multi Spectra. A duo consists of two straight Spectras next to each other. This is only available in 2,5 m. With the opposite Spectra, the square parasols are not positioned next to each other, but in opposite directions. The opposite Spectra floating parasol is available in 2,5 m and 3 m. With the multi Spectra we go one step further and place four parasols on 1 support. The multi setup offers a shaded area of more than 5 m by 5 m.

The Spectra cantilever parasol is extremely wind resistant and suitable for both the residential and contract market. On our inspiration page you will find many beautiful examples.

All the floating parasols can be embedded in the ground or placed on a mobile Umbrosa base. You can find all technical details and finishes on our technical sheet. All Spectra parasols are designed and produced in Belgium.