Square parasols

Are you looking for an umbrella that matches the straight lines of your house or terrace? Umbrosa offers various models that combine well with square shaped tables and sun loungers.

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Square parasols 

Round, square, leaf-shaped... the shape of your parasol needs to be adjusted to your environment. Square parasols, for instance, fit best over a square or rectangular table. They are also the ideal solution to cover 2 loungers. Umbrosa has five collections of square parasols: Paraflex, Spectra, Versa UX, Infina and Infina UX.

Each collection is unique and will contribute to the look of your terrace or outdoor environment. If you like a sleek environment, you should choose the Spectra or Versa UX collection. If you prefer something more classic, then choose the square Paraflex or Infina parasols.

All our parasols are available on a mobile parasol base, making it easy to move the parasol and use it on different terraces. Do you live in a windy area? Then choose for an installation in the ground using a concrete anchorage. The parasol will then be fixed firmly in place! Of course we recommend to always close the parasol in case of rain or wind.

When choosing your parasol, the colour of the parasol canopy is very important. At Umbrosa we only work with 100% acrylic fabrics. We offer Solidum and Sunbrella fabrics in 14 different colours. The technical details can be found on our technical sheets.

Buying a square parasol online

In our webshop you can easily set the filters you want and choose your parasol. You can filter on model, colour, size, delivery time or collection. If something does go wrong, you can always ask a question via chat (during office hours) or via mail. Within 24 hours you'll definitely receive an answer to your question.