Wall mounted parasols

A space-saving umbrella, without a base and without a pole, which offers you the possibility to create shade wherever you want it. The light and compact Paraflex offers maximum shade.

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Paraflex Wall Mounted parasols

If you live in a flat or have a small city garden, you will be looking for a parasol without a parasol base. The wall mounted parasol of Umbrosa, called Paraflex, is the ideal solution. This space saving parasol is fixed to the wall and is adjustable in height. Umbrosa offers round and square wall parasols in different sizes. The round wall parasols are available in 2,7 m and 3 m, the square parasols are available in 1,9 x 1,9 m and in 2,3 x 2,3 m. All models are available in 14 different colours, allowing you to match them with your garden furniture or accessories.

Fixing a parasol to the wall is not only space saving, but also very practical. Thanks to the arm, the positioning is much more flexible and you'll be able to catch the lowest sunlight. Moreover, the pole or an oversized parasol base will no longer be a problem. The wall parasol can even be placed over a railing on a compact terrace.

The Paraflex wall parasol is also easy to disassemble during the winter months. During the summer season you can easily fold the parasol and place it against the wall. The Paraflex protection cover is recommended and will keep the parasol beautiful for a long time.