Center post parasols

The Infina parasol stands for rest and simplicity. This easy to use parasol is available in square and round format and this in different sizes.

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Center pole parasols or free standing parasols 

The classic parasol is the free standing parasol or center pole parasol. This parasol has a pole in the middle of the parasol. The free standing parasol can easily be placed between two loungers or in the middle of a table, if of course there is an opening. If you have a rectangular table and you like the Infina parasols best, place a parasol at each end of the table. That way, the table will be completely shaded! Then use our mobile Infina parasol bases and you'll be able to create shade where and for whom it's needed. The advantage of this is that not everyone needs to sit in the shade, sunbathers can then just enjoy the sun.

Umbrosa has one classic standing parasol collection in its range. The Infina parasol is a center pole parasol where the ribs are not visible. Its simplicity makes this parasol special, less is more is fully applicable here.  The Infina is available in a round and a square shape, each in the 14 Umbrosa colours. The Infina UX Culture, with its rounded corners is only available in Sunbrella Blush.

Buying a standing parasol online

The Infina collection is available with an aluminium frame or a black painted frame (Dusk RAL 8022). You can also order our matching parasol bases online. If you order a square 3m parasol, we'll add an extra plate to the parasol base to make it heavy enough to withstand a strong wind. You can also fix the Infina to a solid surface or anchor it into the ground with a concrete anchorage. If you still have a question, you can find more information on our technical sheets or ask your question via chat or our online form. We will be happy to help you.