Icarus UX Sand | 3 x 3 m

Icarus UX Sand

Nature as a source of inspiration
The leaf-shaped Icarus UX umbrella is unique in all its aspects. The parasol stands out because of its shape, elegance and extreme wind resistance. Thanks to the built-in rotating mechanism, the parasol rotates 360° around its axis, allowing you to create shadow wherever you want. If you position the canopy vertically, you are completely sheltered from the wind. The design team has focused on sustainability and ultimate ease of use, with all parts being sourced locally. The height of the leaf can be easily adjusted and installation is extremely simple.


Delivery in 8 weeks

Mounting options

Show options
  • Spacer - for easy installation on a solid floor

    Spacer - for easy installation on a solid floor

    € 78

  • Inground anchorage to install in a soft surface

    Inground anchorage to install in a soft surface

    € 203

  • Round rotation support included 80°

    Round rotation support included 80°

    € 0

  • Mobile base Sand, cover in wood (Thermo Poplar) - (tiles not included, wheel set included)

    Mobile base Sand, cover in wood (Thermo Poplar) - (tiles not included, wheel set included)

    € 1.499

Total with options

€ 5.115 (VAT included)

More about our Icarus UX Sand

With its Icarus, Umbrosa kills two birds with one stone. Inspired by nature, we designed an umbrella that at the same time can be used as a windscreen. The Icarus embraces and protects. It creates the safe security of a cocoon, while you can enjoy the beautiful weather to the fullest.

  • Shade maker and windscreen all in one
  • Comfort
  • 360° rotatable
  • Natural elegance of the “big leaf” on the stalk
  • The Icarus can pivot 360° thanks to its rotational base
  • You can change the height of the Icarus by pulling the lever
  • The Icarus has an extra security that prevents wrong use
  • The round support is included
  • The Icarus can be folded together for storage (a protection cover is included)


The Icarus design umbrella is available with an aluminum frame. For the canopy you can shoose between the 14 different colours in the Umbrosa range.

Mounting options

Round rotation support, to install the pole on a hard surface (concrete - wood) or on an Umbrosa base, is included

Concrete anchorage to install the pole in a "soft" surface pouring concrete. To use in combination with a round rotation support

Tile base with or without wheelset

  • Cover in aluminum
  • Frame in galvanized steel
  • Weight : 190 kg (with tiles – tiles can easily be found in a DIY store – 12 tiles of 40 x 40 cm)    
  • Dimensions: 85 x 85 x 17 cm
  • Tiles are not included  


Canopy in Solidum or Colorum fabric - Solution dyed acrylic fabric (100%) 
Colorum 260 gr/m2
Solidum 250 gr/m2 
Hand wash 30°C
Water repellent
Colour rating 7/8 (max = 8) 
Waranty: 5 years

Packaging & Transport

Umbrella box
307 cm x 63 cm x 31 cm | 35 kg
10'0.9" x 2'0.8" x 1'0.2" | 77 lbs

Base L UX Sand
88.8 cm x 88.8 cm x 16.5 cm | 32 kg
2'11" x 2'11" x 6.5" | 70.4 lbs

Base L UX Sand package
90 cm x 90 cm x 18 cm | 33kg
2'11.4" x 2'11.4" x 7.1" | 72.6 lbs


Video of our Icarus UX Sand

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