Eclipsum UX Architecture | Round 3 m | Marble

Eclipsum UX Architecture

Eclipsum UX Architecture

Colour fabric

Light Grey


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Mounting options

Show options
  • Round rotation support included 90°

    Round rotation support included 90°

    € 0

  • Concrete anchorage to install in a soft surface

    Concrete anchorage to install in a soft surface

    € 203

  • Mobile base UX Architecture (tiles not included, wheel set included)

    Mobile base UX Architecture (tiles not included, wheel set included)

    € 1.445

Total with options

€ 5.681 (VAT included)

More about our Eclipsum UX Architecture

Eye-catcher and umbrella all in one. Already while designing the Eclipsum UX, creating shade was not the only goal. The Eclipsum UX is a design object, with all the trump cards of a functional umbrella. The large, elegant ring with its design shade sail offers a tempting, artistic spectacle and reviving shade.

  • Decorative design object
  • Striking cosmic shape
  • Unique showpiece
  • The rotation support is included, which makes the Eclipsum UX 360° rotatable
  • The ring can very easily be adjusted in height and is 360° rotatable
  • The round support is included
  • The Eclipsum UX canopy can simply be stored in a protective cover (included)


Dimensions: 3 m
Fabric: Colorum Marble
Frame: powder coated Papyrus White RAL 9018
Matching base: (B) 912x (L) 912x (H) 190 cm - Including wheel set – tiles excluded 

Full Black
Dimensions: 3 m
Fabric: Colorum Black
Frame: powder coated Full Black RAL 9005
Matching base: (B) 912x (L) 912x (H) 190 cm - Including wheel set – tiles excluded

Mounting options

Round rotation support, to install the pole on a hard surface (concrete - wood) or on an Umbrosa base, is included

Concrete anchorage to install the pole in a "soft" surface pouring concrete. To use in combination with a round rotation support

Tile base with or without wheelset:

  • Cover 
  • Frame 
  • Weight : 200 kg
  • Dimensions: 91,2 x 91,2 x 19 cm
  • Tiles are not included  


Canopy in Colorum fabric - Solution dyed acrylic fabric (100%) 
Colorum 260 gr/m2  
Hand wash 30°C
Water repellent
Colour rating 7/8 (max = 8) 
Waranty: 5 years

Packaging & Transport

Umbrella box
247 cm x 53 cm x 39 cm | 50 kg
8'1.2" x 1'8.9" x 1'3.4" | 121 lbs

Base L UX Black/Archi
88.8 cm x 88.8 cm x 15 cm | 32 kg
2'11" x 2'11" x 5.9" | 70.4 lbs

Base L UX Black/Archi package
90 cm x 90 cm x 16 cm | 33kg
2'11.4" x 2'11.4" x 6.3" | 72.6 lbs


Video of our Eclipsum UX Architecture

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