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The garden parasol with a sleek shape

The garden parasol from the Umbrosa parasol collection is called Infina. This innovative central post umbrella is beautiful because of its simplicity and sleek shape. The clean lines eliminate the sometimes disturbing ribs. The Infina garden parasol gives you a place where you can dine, rest, have fun... Everything you need to sit back and enjoy. The garden umbrella is available in two variants, a round pole umbrella, 3m diameter and one square parasol: 3 x 3m. The parasol canopy is available in 14 different colours. The Colorum fabric is colourfast and water-resistant! The frame and the corresponding mobile parasol base are available in aluminum and in Black. The parasol base of the aluminum frame is lacquered in light grey.

Tip: before you buy a parasol, it is good to check where the sun is in relation to the house, where do you sit most and where do you want a lot of shade. If you need shade in several places, you can opt for several parasols anchored in the ground or a parasol on a mobile parasol base that you can easily move around according to your needs.

The Infina stick umbrella can perfectly close over a dining table. Closing and opening is very easy thanks to the pulley system. At higher wind speeds it is recommended to close the parasol. Always use the matching parasol cover and check that the wheels are locked. Like all the other parasols of the Umbrosa collection, the Infina centre pole umbrella is also a 100% Made In Belgium product.